5'5" Plasmic (Used)

$900 AUD
5'5" x 19 1/8" x 2 7/16"

Swallow Variation

When we started working on prototypes for our soft tops, we wanted a sub 5’0 that could carry volume but still be a ripper. So we made a 4’10 chunky twin that was a little over 30 litres, with a fishy rocker and a wild double-barrel bonzer-style concave. When Asher and Josh tested it, the results were insane. It was the first board Asher rode and the boys were stacking internet-breaking clips on a 1st-draft prototype. It became the mould for the Sea Skate softy and the Plasmic. Ride it a little shorter and thicker than a Sunstone. It packs a lot of volume, but don’t be afraid to ride it 3-5 liters more than your shortboard.

Futures Fin System