“The surfboard is a constant blending of curves and how they interact with the water. Making those curves feel comfortable, like an extension of your feet and your mind, is so interesting ... There shouldn’t be any rules about what a surfboard looks like.”

Matt Parker

Water never moves linearly.

Every Album surfboard is shaped with this fact in mind, resulting in endless variations. From our standard board models to our customs, each board will respond differently to its setting, its surfer, and the conditions of the day. Whether you’re paddling out for the first time or routinely chasing swell, we’ll help you create the quiver that lets you look at waves differently.

Meet the Founder & Shaper

Matt Parker began shaping boards the way most surfboard shapers do: out of a Southern California garage, back in 2001. Having built an appreciation for pattern, shape and color through a background in fine art and graphic design, he began to apply this visual language to foam and resin, treating each board as a blank canvas. His various board models’ functionality is a result of constant trial and error, ongoing collaborations with some of the best surfers around the world, and a simple love for being in the water.

A global community of surfers, from the curious to the diehards

We’ve organically built our brand from the ground up, starting with handoffs in San Clemente, CA and growing to a company that ships daily, all over the world. By collaborating with surfers like Asher Pacey, Josh Kerr, Jack Freestone, and Victor Bernardo, we’ve developed a range of surfboards that can meet you where you are.

A deep respect for design

Just as every board is a unique art piece in its own right, we approach our showroom as a gallery, displaying original work by artists such as David Carson, Jimmy Ganzer, Chris Burkard, and others. Our respect for expertise and craftsmanship extends to our partnerships with laminators across Southern California, Australia, and Mexico. And, beyond surfboards, it applies to everything we make and sell, from the fabric we source for our tees to the leather and assembly of our sandals.