5'3 Lightbender (winged tail)

$1,100 AUD

5'3" x 19 3/4" x 2 5/16"


Wing tail variation 


ProFormance Glassing (4+4/4oz)

Futures Fin system

The Lightbender is Asher’s next evolution of fish craft with a sleeker outline and foil. It's got modern elements in a classic and traditionally pleasing platform. A fish that can explore the limits of speed and tube-riding and can be taken above and through the lip. Exclusively a twin fin. Modern single- to double-concave to vee off the exit, contemporary rails. Ridden an inch or so longer than a Sunstone and a bit narrower, but at the same thickness. Go with a little less volume overall than a Sunstone, but still a touch more than a traditional daily-driver shortboard. You may never ride a shortboard again.